Corporate and Commercial


Corporate and Commercial law has been a core practice area of Heng Xin. Corporate and Commercial Department advises across the broad spectrum of corporate work, including regular corporate legal work, corporate governance, investment and M&A, employment, capital market and corporate securities issues, etc. The department has provided legal services to hundreds of domestic and international clients by whom we have been widely praised. Since 2014, we have been ranked in Chambers as Band 1 Corporate and Commercial Law Firm in Northeastern China. Our legal services in this area mainly include:

  ØCompany incorporation, merger and spin-off;

  ØM&A and reorganization;

  ØLiquidation, reforming and insolvency;

  ØDesign and improving of corporate governance structure and equity incentive mechanism;

  ØDomestic and overseas IPO, back-door listing, and listing in “New Three Board”;

  ØAcquisition, major assets restructuring, delisting of listed companies and relisting;

  ØCorporate bond and short-term financing bond;

  ØEstablishment, fund raising and liquidation of private equity fund;

  ØState-owned enterprise restructuring and equity transaction;

  ØInternational trade and overseas investment;


  ØWTO and anti-dumping;

  ØAnti-unfair competition and antitrust;

  ØEmployment and social insurance.