Banking and Finance


Banking and Finance Department provides legal services to banks, financial institutions, commercial factoring companies on legal compliance review and other legal matters. We are regular legal counsel of numerous domestic and foreign financial institutions. Our legal services in this area mainly include:

  ØBank factoring and commercial factoring;

  ØCommercial loan and syndicated loan;

  ØGovernment and international financial institution loan and sub-loan;

  ØProject financing;

  ØLetter of credit and letter of guarantee;

  ØFinancial leasing;

  ØAll types of financial derivatives;

  ØInternet finance and other financial innovation business;

  ØEstablishment, modification, restructuring, liquidation and insolvency of banks and other financial institutions;

  ØCompliance review on legal and business issues, risk identification and prevention system construction of financial institutions;

  ØNon-performing assets disposition, debt restructuring and asset reorganization, investment and M&A of financial institutions;

  ØPolicy loan, insurance claim and compensation.