Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property Department provides high-end, professional and high quality legal services throughout the whole process of IP creation, utilization, administration and protection. Our legal services in this area mainly include:

  ØCorporate strategy consultancy on IP;

  ØCorporate IP portfolio management;

  ØPatent application and invalid patent;

  ØTrademark application, revocation, reexamination and opposition;

  ØCopyright and software copyright registration;

  ØIntegrated circuit layout design registration;

  ØIP due diligence, licensing and transaction;

  ØIP administrative protection procedures;

  ØAnti-counterfeiting andCustoms protection of IP rights;

  ØIP Infringement;

  ØCommercial secret and unfair competition;

  ØDomain registration and dispute resolution;

  ØAntitrust cases relating to abuse of IP right;

  ØInternet, technology, telecom, and media.