Xu Ren

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Xu Ren

Senior Lawyer, Founding Partner, Vice Director

Address : 27/F, Gold Name Commercial Tower,
                   68 Renmin Road, Zhongshan District,
                   Dalian, P.R.China
Email :     
Tel :          0411-8282 5959
Fax :         0411-8282 5518


Xu Ren graduated from the law school of Nanjing University. He started to practice as a lawyer in Dalian Foreign Economic Law Firm in 1987. And in 1994 Xu Ren together with Wang Enqun and other lawyers co-founded Liaoning Heng Xin Law Office. He is a founding partner of Heng Xin.


Since the establishment of Heng Xin, Xu Ren has been acting as vice director of the firm. He was qualified as a senior lawyer in 1999. He has been appointed as a supervisor of Dalian Lawyers Association, and an arbitrator of Dalian Arbitration Committee. He has been honored as an Advanced Lawyer of Dalian City as well as a Civilized Lawyer of Dalian City. Xu Ren focuses his practice in the areas of real estate, finance, foreign investment. In the field of real estate, he has handled more than a thousand of cases, and accumulated extensive practical experiences. In the field of finance, he has handled a substantial amount of complicated cases. In the field of foreign investment, he has conducted legal work relating to incorporation, dispute resolution, and liquidation. Lawyer Xu has also conducted legal services on equity merger, corporate restructuring, and bond issuance for dozens of enterprises.


Working languages:
Mandarin and English

Practice areas: 
real estate, finance, and corporate.